Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover 2 PCS Kit

23.0 $ 16.0 $ Inc.VAT

What to consider about our magic gel nail polish remover:

Have you ever thought, why removing your nail polish should take such a long time?!  It sometimes  feels like ages?

Easily remove your Gel nail polish with this magical gel nail polish remover, thanks to ultimate technology and safe ingredients used in this product you would be able to remove your nail polish easier and faster than the traditional way!

Make it hassle free and order yours now!

Follow these easy steps to remove your gel nail polish

Removing nail polish was not as easy before! Now with our ultimate Magic Gel nail polish remover, everything is different!

For your convenient we have bundled and selling it in 2 pcs kit so you will not get worry about running out of this life saver phenomenon!

Apply and wait for it!

Please note depending on how many layers of nail polish have been applied it may takes a little longer.


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